About KidsFirst

What can KidsFirst Do for You and Your family?

Parents are the first and most important people in their childrens lives. The purpose of KidsFirst is to support your family as you bring a new baby into your life. We will do what we can to support you in building the life you want for your family.

How Does KidsFirst Work?

Families can benefit from KidsFirst support and services before and after birth of a baby. An assessment will help determine if the progrm is for you. If it is, a home visitior will be introduced to your family.

Before your baby’s birth a home visitor will provide milk vouchers and help your family prepare for the new baby. After the baby is born, the home visitor will visit you weekly in your home and work with you as your family grows.

A home visitor may take you to doctor’s appointments and other important places.

The Home Visitor Will Share Information about:

  • Child care and early learning opportunities for your children.
  • Child growth and development.
  • Housing, food security.
  • Parenting.
  • Specialized services of interest to you.
  • Recreational opportunities.
  • Education.
  • Employment.

KidsFirst Team Members will Also Support You To:

  • Deal with difficult issues.
  • Set family goals
  • Plan for your future.
  • Provide opportunitites to meet and get to know other parents.