Program Components

The program includes a number of components devlivered through a network of community based organizations.

Screeners and Assessors provide initial in hospital screening and later in-depth assessment if required.

The function of the Mental Health and Addisction Team personnel is capacity building. Specific tasks included the provision of training, consultation, and ongoing support to KidsFirst Regina staff and especially the home visitors, development of reference materials, and provision of consultation and therapetuic services to families as required.

KidsFirst used a lay model of home visiting where home visitors do not have to have a professional degree but receive training and are strongly supported by professionally trained supervisors. The role of home visitors is to:

  • Develop trusting relationships with families by listening, encouraging and offering support.
  • Promote healthy child development, injury prevention and home safety.
  • Support families as they identify and address issues.
  • Parent driven goal setting
  • Problem solving and coping skills
  • Build on family strengths
  • Focus on developing parenting skills
  • Feeding, bathing, napping
  • Learn new way to play
  • Model techniques and skills
  • Provide and review resources
  • Provide information
  • Promote and model healthy lifestyle choices
  • Connecting families to community servcies, program and activities
  • Support Networks

Home visiting activities are designed to support families to achieve their goals, achieve stability, develop positive parent-child relationships, access appropriate services, engage socially with individuals and groups, and develop health-promoting behaviours.

The role of early leaning/child care centre personnel, including family support worker, is to provide a safe and stimulating enviornment for the children in the centres, facilitate children’s healthy development, provide respite opportunities for parents, support families by organizing social events and parenting clases, and provide other assistance as required.