About KidsFirst

What can KidsFirst do for you and your family?
KidsFirst realizes everyone wants to be a good parent and every parent wants to have healthy children. We provide support for families to reach these goals.
How does KidsFirst work?
Our program works with families and their children from pregnancy through to 3 years old. We focus on child development, parent-child relationships, and parenting skills.

When you come to join our program, a KidsFirst Assessor will meet with you to talk in-depth about your family strengths and needs. If our program is for you, this information helps us fit our support to your family‚Äôs goals. 

KidsFirst Home Visitors are lay-persons who receive extensive training and are strongly supported by professionally trained supervisors. A Home Visitor is assigned to work with you and your family as your child grows. Home visits are weekly and last about an hour.

The Family Wellness Team provides capacity building including training, consultation, reference materials and ongoing support to KidsFirst Regina staff, home and families.

The Home Visitor will share information about:

Child care and early learning opportunities for your children
Child growth and development
Housing and food security
Positive parent-child relationships
Problem-solving and coping skills 
New ways to play with your child
Specialized services of interest to you
KidsFirst will also support you to:
Deal with difficult issues
Set family goals
Plan for your family's future
Meet and get to know other parents